Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh hills----Heaven or hell ......

Well a training partner and I rode from Altoona to P-Hill, through Runnells, and onto Monroe.  I did nothing but constant switching of gears for 3 plus hours.  I can say without a doubt that I have rode to date the hilliest course for me.  Hoping it is close to Wisc.  I have heard it matches the hills but the course is more technical meaning lots of turns on the down hill.  So will need to learn the lay out of the course.

I did a lot of stopping, turning around, and playing catch up today so my VI was not pretty.  That is the first thing I need to workon.  I split the 3 plus hours out in 30 minute intervals to see how I was doing.  My goal is to ride Wisc around .78-.79 but I still have 2 race rehearsals to do to fiqure out the exact number.

Overall the ride felt like a 6/10 today.  Bilateral ITB's still bugging me and that for some reason makes me feel a little weaker and over worked.  Temp was around 75 degrees, 88% humidity with a dew point of 71.  Wind calm.

So for the week bike numbers came in at = 171 miles, weekend alone accounted for 140 of them.
Running numbers for the week = 38 miles
Swimming numbers for the week = 11,500 yards


Duration: 3:06
Work: 1927 kJ
TSS: 192.5 (intensity factor 0.778)
Norm Power: 180
VI: 1.1
Distance: 60.74 mi
Elevation Gain: 2602 ft
Elevation Loss: 2642 ft
Grade: -0.0 % (-35 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 393 164 watts
Cadence: 32 246 85 rpm
Speed: 0 39.1 18.5 mph

Up coming week is a test week for me to include swim, bike ftp, and run vDOT.
Happy 4th of July weekend all.  Be safe but enjoy!!!!

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