Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Wednesday Run

Well Wednesday workout was 60 minutes of running.  3x1 mile repeats at TP.

Got out of bed early this am to my beautiful bride getting ready for work.  She had already did her workout this am and was looking FINE!!!!  Stepped out of bed and OUCH!!!!  This was going to be a struggle but needed to be done.  I went and looked at my performance chart in WKO and I knew I needed to be careful cause my ATL was a negative 45.  Needing a couple easy days here in the future which will have to be on Friday.


  • Two mile warm up at EP 8:40
  • Mile two I incorporated my strides which were at 9.7 and 10 x 4.
  • Mile one repeat 6:40
  • Mile two 6:48
  • Mile three 6:49
  • Then I had 15 min left and this was to be at HMP is possible.  This was a huge struggle for me and I was only able to hold onto MP and then with 5 minutes left I cooled down and with two minutes left walked.  
  • Bottom line is I knocked the 60 minutes out.
Today's lifting was shoulder and lats.  Concentrated today on slow and great form.  All I can say is it is DONE!!!

Tomorrow I will be on the trainer in the basement bright and early cause tomorrow is a duty day at the fire department.  Workout calls for 60 minutes and my FTP's are 12 min times two.  Lifting tomorrow will be at the station and it is the dreaded lower body/legs.

Friday is a rest day for me but will include swimming technique and drills followed by a chest workout.  

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