Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, end of week 9 of 20

Well this mornings wko scheduled was 60 min of running with the main set being 2 x 1.5 mile repeats at threshold pace. I new it was going to be a struggle after yesterday's Delta Force wko.

Woke up at 0600 for some coffee and calories cause I was going to meet a friend who is just getting back into running for a run outside but it was 20 degree's and 25 mph wind. Also my bride is still down with the flu so I decided to just run on the treadmill at home.

I started with a 2 mile wu at my vDOT easy pace and also included 5x30 sec up hill strides. Then off I went. The 1.5 mile repeats were actually vastly easy except for the last .25 of each. I therefore played mind games, turned up the music to some Metallica and nailed them. I still had 15 minutes left so I took the next 800 at easy pace then did another mile at TP with a 1-3% incline. Total mileage for 60 minutes was 7.35.

I then changed and met my lifting buddies for today was arms, sit ups and push ups. The lift went well but struggled through the last 3 sets of push ups. Total push ups 200 and sit ups 300. My new favorite ab exercise is where you are on your knees, take a small gym towel and put a 45 pound weight on it (helps it slide easier) the push it out in front as far as you can go and then back. Keeping good form. We finished the day with 2 laps of the lizard 5000. You put your feet on a towel or lid that will slide then using your arms pull yourself across the gym and back again. Ohhhhh boy!!!!

Well I'm taking the kids to the mall here in a bit so my wife can close her eye's and relax. She's still fighting this flu bug. Thinking Jordan Creek for some Scheel's action. Need a couple items of clothing for the trip to Jamaica.

Well Monday is the start of week 10 of 20 of my out season plan with Endurance Nation. More VO2 Max workouts with the minutes of each increasing.

Be safe out there and GOD Bless

Don't forget to check my training partner and my new adventure out;

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