Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well I have always been scared of wrecking my bike while time trialing and that fear came true today.  Just think this was my last 3 hour bike ride and we were 20 minutes from being done.  Pure accident and it is what it is....

Traveling according to the Joule 29.7 mph and I was in the line in the 2 position.  We had been pushing hard for about the past 2 hours so we were getting tired but keeping it real.  Either I clipped the persons tire in front of me or I was clipped from the back not too sure.  Next thing I know I was in the oncoming traffic lane and trying to correct what was happening.  Well the correction didn't happen cause a training partner and I collided.  I fell and landed directly on my right lateral hip followed by my aero helmet smacking the ground so hard that I remember hearing that awful noise of something being smashed and then seeing stars.  I looked up and here comes my training partner in mid air and landed on top of me.  Well a body stays in motion until acted upon by an outside force and that force was me!!!!  I swear when he hit me he killed me.  I have never till today felt pain like that.

As I looked up we were in the center of the road and I new I had to get out of the road but I tried moving and my hips, pelvis and left leg hurt so bad I couldn't move.  I was screaming I think out in pain, fear, and upset cause my A race is around the corner.  I was always telling my training partners I was going to hit a dead animal in the road and flip my bike but it was worse.

Mike called my wife and woke her.  I told him to please be calm and tell her first thing that I was awake alert and talking to her.  It didn't work she went off!!!!  She later apologized but Mike knew she was shaken up and upset.  She and the children met me at the ER.  Thanks to my wife and family you are the best.

We decided since i could not move and was in a significant amount of pain to call 911.  Bondurant Fire responded and Altoona transported.  Rigid c-collar, fully immobilized, IV, monitor, and NRM.  Yep the critique was right on.  Both departments did well and I am thankful you were there and appreciate everything you do for us.  Arrived at IMMC and a doctor was on I like.  It was very smooth and quick.  He came in and said it doesn't look to awful bad but I want a radiologist to read them.  I was now thinking damn something is wrong.  Well the report came back and no fractures of the pelvis or tailbone.  I was sent home with instructions for ice, elevation and pain pills.

Well my favorite Kswiss bibs were destroyed from all the road rash so they provided me with a pair of scrubs.  I went to get out of bed and damn near fell.  My left medial aspect of my knee collapsed and just wouldn't support me.  It was very swollen but I was able to beat moderate weight with no increase in pain so they decided an xray was not warranted.  So I got dressed and hobbled out to the vehicle.

Well got home and decided to soak in the Jacuzzi tub and get all the gravel out of the road rash.  That was sooooooo painful but I am rock free anyway I think.  Throughout the day we have had to change bandages a few times d/t the fact all the oozing from the road rash.  The knee is very swollen medially and painful.  Has attempted to make me collapse a few times.

My bike remains at the surgeons office-Kyles Bikes in Ankeny and I will have a final verdict on Monday.  Sounds like the frame is a mess.  I have already been in contact with Bike World who is the dealer for Cervelo's here in Iowa.  Going there tomorrow to be sure they have my size so if Kyles gives the thumb down sign I can flip the switch and get it to Kyle so we can dial in the dimensions and fit.  It will be hard cause I have been training so long on the bike I went down on and all my RR have been done on it.

Insurance claim has been made in regards to the bike.

Well to Mike, Chad, Alison, Keegan, and Olivia thanks for everything.  You guys helped me more than you will ever know.  The lord above had someone very special with me today.

I am now praying for a speedy recovery.

Two weeks out from the race and its game on!!!!!

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