Lake Time

Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Good afternoon-

Just catching my breath here as the week so far has been very busy.  Monday started the 1st day of my slow taper of the next three weeks.  Lots of work yet this week but the volume is slowly decreasing.

Monday consisted of a swim:
200 WU
20x100's, 10x50's and a 200 CD
Did this workout with a couple of training partners and it was a good one.  One of them was trying on his new wet suit that he ordered back in June and just got last week.  He was swimming like 1:09's...the guy is like a freaking killer shark.  It was nice though to just swim and not have an hour run afterwards.

This am consisted of only an hour bike workout but built into that hour was 2x20 minute FTPS.  This workout was done with my bike light training partner.  He swears that I only use him for his 5 million watt power bike light....soooo maybe I do :)/  Glad he was there this am cause I would have been down for the count.  Just missed a dead coon lying in the middle of the road.  That would have hurt!!!!

Our numbers were decent....
One hour and 15 minutes we traveled almost 25 miles.  This included a 15 minute easy warm up, 2x20 min FTP's (100%) and a 5 minute cool down.  Pnorm was 215.  Ave speed was 21 mph, Ave cadence was 88, Ave HR was 138,  .86 intensity factor, 89 TSS.  #1 FTP was .97 and #2 FTP was .96.  Happy with the numbers but I have to tell you I think I was still feeling some fatigue from the past week and weekends bike and run workouts.

Tomorrow brings a 60 minute swim and we are working on Endurance vs Speed followed by a 60 minute run with 3x1 mile repeats at my threshold pace.  Thursday is a 90 minute run with 45 of those minutes at my marathon pace.  Friday is a 60 minute swim working on speed followed by a 40 minute run to include hill strides.  Saturday is a 3 hour bike ride with lots of FTP work followed by a 30 minute run and Sunday is a 2 hour bike ride followed by a 30 minute run.  Just think that is a taper :)

After Saturday's workout we are taking our son Keegan to get his first car.  Yep Keegan has a school permit and will be driving.  Boy, where does all the time go just yesterday he was in diaper and now a freshman in high school.  Very proud of all his accomplishments.  He is just so busy in school this year-Golf, band, and after school activities it will be nice for him to drive back and forth vs always riding his bike.

Olivia is our big 4th grader and is doing dance again this year.  Tap, ballet, and Jazz.  Always a busy time for us.....well mainly Alison and her regarding dance.

They both started school yesterday and Alison did not cry this year!!!!! Ahhhhhhh it was the first time no tears were shed in years.

Well time to go and mow.  I swear every 2-3 days I am mowing.

Be safe out there.

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