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Lake Time
Okiboji 7/2011

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week One Summary and Week two WKO's

Week One summary

Well week one was a building week for me and my first week of planned workouts since Ironman Wisc.  

Consisted of:

  • 181.81 miles in 4 rides
  • 9hrs4 min in the saddle
  • Ave Speed 18.7
  • Ave watts 177
  • Ave RPM 95
  • 45 miles in 6 runs
  • 6 hours spent running
  • Max run this week was 16.02 miles
  • Ave Speed 7.5 mph
  • 2.84 miles in two activities
  • 1:45 minutes only this week
  • Max distance 1.5 miles
Overall the workouts went well.  Monday's intervals were a bit of a struggle for me.  They were to be done as 2x1.5 mile repeats and after a nice 15 minute warm up to include 4x30 sec strides I new the legs were going to allow the 1.5 mile intervals so I cut them to 4x1 mile repeats and the target interval times were hit.  Otherwise I feel it was a great week.  

Doing as much of my training as I can with fellow Endurance Nation member Randy Pickard whom is building for Ironman Arizona.  Nice to train with someone from the same plan cause the watts talk and pace talk are on the same level.  

This week is a testing week for me but I have decided I am not going to be building up for Ironman Cozumel on the bike but to keep the FTP where it is.  I will work on my bike power this coming OutSeason (OS).  However, I will still be doing the prescribed FTP workouts, etc.  On the other hand though I am building on the runs and swims.  Trying to improve my times at IM Cozumel over IM Wisconsin.  The heat and humidity might make that tough but I will still go for it and see what happens.

Week 2 of 12 workouts:

Monday: Swim for 90 minutes
  • WU: 1000 yards and concentrated on smooth strokes, hand position, rolling and bilat breathing
  • 1000 yards as: 75 hard and the last 25 easy-used as a recovery.  This was repeated for the entire 1000 yards.
  • 1000 yards as: 100 sprint at T pace-3 seconds (All Pulled) concentrated on rotating the hips
  • 1000 yards as: 50 hard 50 easy and repeat for 1000 yards no breaks in between.
  • CD: 200 yards
The swim felt great today.  I felt smooth the entire time in the water.  Wanted 5000 total but had to get home so Alison could go to work.  Olivia is home today.  No school for the SEP district.

  • 90 minute bike 
  • 15 minute warm up
  • 2x20 minute FTP - since this is what the ride consists of if I feel it then I might convert this into a FTP test.  The only diff is during the test its a 2 minutes rest if that is what you want to call it otherwise its a 5 minute rest.  Note the 2 minute rest I try to keep around .80 or higher intensity for testing purposes.  Goal if I test is 280 watts!!!
  • This is followed by a 30 min brick run
  • Swim
  • WU: 500
  • MS1: 4 x 50 (20") Descend 4 x 50 (15") Descend 4 x 50 (10") Descend Set Total: 600
  • MS2: 3 x 100 (20") Descend 3 x 100 (15") Descend 3 x 100 (10") Descend Set Total = 900
  • MS3: 400 any pace you like, counting strokes and focusing on form.
  • CD: 100 easy
  • Total: ~2500
This is to be a 5K vDOT test.  However I am opting out of this test and instead meeting a few training partners and running for 120 minutes.  Again, I am building on my run.  Shooting for a 3:45 marathon for IM Cozumel.  Therefore, during this 120 min run we will:
  • WU: 30 minutes at 8:30 pace
  • 2x15 min at 7:30 pace
  • 30 min at 8:00 min pace
  • 3x5 min at 7:00 min or faster pace.  As fast as I can go without breaking good form
  • CD: 15 min at 8:30-9 min pace
  • Swimming Threshold test
  • 500 warm up
  • Then 1000 yards as fast as it can be completed without breaking good form
  • Goal: 15 minutes

Bike workout for this coming Saturday:
4 hours total 
  • WU: 20-30' @ 65-70%/Zone1-2/Easy

  • 2 x 20' (4') 95-100%/Zone4/Hard(260-275 watts), 10' Easy
  • 2 x 30' (5') @ 80-85%/Zone3/Mod-Hard(220-234 watts),
  • Remainder of ride time is @70-75%/Zone2/Steady(192-205 watts), in the aerobars, practicing steady riding: no surges, constant power, etc.WD: 10' Easy spin.
Bike Workout for Sunday:
  • 3 hours total in the saddle
  • WU: 20-30' @ 65-70%/Zone1-2/Easy
  • MS: Spend as much time @ 80-85%/Zone3/Mod-Hard as possible. Take short recoveries as needed (eat, drink, etc), otherwise it's time to work!
  • WD: 10' Easy spin.
Followed by a 30 minute run at my LRP and at least 1 mile at my HMP(half marathon pace)

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