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Lake Time
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 12 of 12.....Race week....Ironman #2 of 3!!!!!

Well while I had a few minutes of downtime I decided to write this weeks post.  My next post will be following the race on 9/9/12.

For those that have been following me and sending me weekly emails and motivational texts, THANKS!!!

This will be Ironman #2 out of #3 this year for me.  This is my AAA race meaning this is the race I go for broke.  I have a very lofty goal I am reach of and in order to reach that goal I will have to take this body/heart/soul to somewhere it has never been before.  The name of the game is execution/nutrition to be spot on/and a little bit of luck.  The weather outlook is looking to be beautiful.  A high of 74 and sunny with minimal wind.  Remember though St George was to be beautiful/hot with minimal wind and a small hurricane came up once we were in the water.  Mother nature please be kind to us.

I want to take a few lines to reach out and say, "THANKS" to out sponsors, friends, family and etc.

I am racing with a couple teams this year: IM4RM and Endurance Nation 

Sponsors: Endurance Nation, Des Moines Professional Firefighters, Local #4, Travis Audio and Video,  Legacy Stone of Eastern Iowa, Chad Johnson, Oral Clinic, PC, Vermeer, STC Tire and Exhaust, Schaal Heating and Cooling, Inc., Overbergen Family, and Kyles Bikes

It has been a great year for our team so far and we fill blessed to have the support of the above sponsors along with our families and friends.  I can't tell you how many times I visited Kyles Bikes over the past year.  He even came in early on a freaking Sunday and worked on White Lightning when I twisted the chain.  Our friends whom turned training partners-I can only tell you again and again thanks for the push and dragging me on some of those runs I wanted to skip after riding for 6 hours.

What is my goal for this race?????  Number one to finish the race in the allowed time of 17 hours.  Number two-I would like to beat my time from St. George-12:57, and number three-I want to enjoy the day,  ride the bike course with the power numbers I am trained for nothing more nothing less and come off the bike knowing I can enjoy the marathon until the SUCK finds me.  Once the SUCK arrives be able to stay inside my box and be able to finish with a smile on my face.

I am BIB # 1786.  I will have a GPS tracker on so you can track me to the second.  It will show my speed, elevation, and location.  I will post this later in the week.  You can also track me on the athlete tracker on or Irontrac.

See you out there!!!!

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