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Lake Time
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week # 5 of the OS.....

Week # 5 came and went rather quickly.  Had a great week until I attempted by FTP test and stayed the same.  Yes, I know I am doing a shit load of biking and high intensities but felt it should have been there.  So I test again in week 8 and I struck a deal with my local bike coach who has really been pushing my FTP and VO max work to the brink of breaking the badger.  Week 7 I will be riding at nothing more then .7-.75% with the exception of Thursdays VO max sets and Saturdays long 4.10 hr ride.  I will then be taking Sunday and Monday off and doing my bike test that Tuesday due to scheduling.  Will then take Wednesday off and doing my 5K vDOT test.

My biking and running have been very strong this year.  I think I have been able to recover from all three of my Ironman events last year and roll that fitness into this OS.  As I have said the OS this ear is only 14 weeks and so far it is my favorite.

My week 5 stats were:


  • 2 activities
  • 3.12 miles
  • Time: 2hrs2min


  • 3 activities
  • 6 hours of riding
  • 102.95 miles
  • Ave speed 18.2 mph
  • Calories 5,249
  • Ave power 205
  • Ave bike cadence 84
  • Ave heart rate 163
  • 4 activities
  • 30.25 miles
  • Ave speed 8 mph----7:30 pace
  • Calories 2700
  • Ave run cadence: 94
Week 6 of 14 is up and coming and I will be moving a few workouts around to fit into my fire department and emergency room schedule.  Looking forward to pushing the bike and run then backing off again in week 7.  

Here comes that nasty four letter word:.............BOOM.

ps......I just want to throw out a special thanks to team IM4RM and my training partners.  We have really been pushing each other and I want to really say "THANKS" cause because of you that makes me work that much harder.  

I am also really excited to see how a certain individual races this year.  I have tucked them under my wing and given them a pretty assertive/aggressive plan but would not have done this unless I felt this person could seriously drop the MOAB and the competition.  Very excited to see the times they produce and watch the smile on this persons face and the families face when they reach the finish line of their A race and know they just F'n CRUSHED the competition!!!!!  

Untill we meet again in week 6!!!!  Keep your head up and know its suppose to hurt....

Also be looking for these race kits:  Love racing for this team, the team mates and what we race 4.  Keep your eyes open cause you will be staring at the back side of these race kits ALOT this year!!!!!!!  We have beat our asses this winter to see it pay off come spring and summer!!!!!!

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