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Lake Time
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ironman number 2/3 approaching

Well I have made it to week 10 of 12 of this training plan!!  Please note I am just going to throw down in this blog what comes to mind.  Hope you don't mind.

Ironman Wisconsin sits on the Horizon now waiting for me.  The next 2.5 weeks for me consists of a very slow taper.  Now its time to be safe, stay injury free, and healthy.

This past weekend was my last race rehearsal which consisted of a hundred plus mile ride at my goal watts for the race and a 6 mile run at my goal pace.  We have trained hard over the past several weeks doing functional thresholds, super sets or VO2 max, and countless hours of riding and running to hone in this.   We were able to bring the 100 miles in at 5:14 but we were at .714 intensity.  The goal was to ride at .70.  Even though we were slightly over our TSS (training stress score) was only 266.  My goal for Wisc is to keep it under 300.  So what is TSS?  I am glad you asked.
It is explained in detail here:
During the ride we climbed ~ 4000 feet  and descended approx the same.
The Ironman Wisc bike course according to the website is:
I am not worried about speed on the bike.  Going to follow by goal watts to a T and whatever else happens will happen.

The past twelve weeks has been a blast training with others doing the race on 9/9/12.  Caleb Pike a teammate of IM4RM-  It has been a treat training this season and knowing we are doing this race for a cause and a meaning.  Mrs. Aryn Flood-this chicka when be chicking several men during the swim, bike, and run.  She has a lofty goal in mind so be on the look out for her.  Steve Mayberry-who swears he is over 50 years old but trains and competes like a young buck!!, Troy Morris(Power Twin)-rain, shine, blizzard, biking in 20 degree weather, hail, wind, we have trained through it all, Austin and Tyler Vander Linden(The V brothers), Jonathon Meyer-my so called swimming coach.  I made it point to swim with him cause he pushed me in the water.  I didn't have a choice and my times improved over the past twelve weeks.  Nothing out laddish but now swimming comfortably at 1:27-1:30 per 100 yards and able to go for 4000 yards, Kari Wiklund, Jonathon Barlow-the training partner who pushes me beyond my limits on the intervals.  I can't thank you enough for all the early morning runs and track workouts.

Onto the vampire....meaning the ones who got up as early as 0345 to ride with the moon.  Dr. Chad Johnson.  Note Chad is also training for an endurance event of his own called: RAID-Ride Across Iowa in a Day on Sept 29th.  Note there is a full and half version of this.  If you are looking for a fall challenge of your own check it out here:
Most of the mentioned above also ride early but not sure they truly embrace it like Chad and I do :).  Nothing like hitting it at 0345 and being done with a century ride at 0845!!

Need to give a HUGE shout out to Kyle Robinson and his crew at Kyles Bikes.
My bike has been in and out of his store several times and before my races he goes through the bike with a fine tooth comb.  I waited a little to long this last time.  My bike had not had a tune up since St George and well I put approx 2600 miles on it.  Well white lightning needed a tube up really bad, two new Conti 4000 tires, tubes, bar tape, tires trued up.  It was ugly $$ wise but was wayyyyyy needed.  They also found what appears to be two cracks in her carbon frame.  We are not sure if it is a crack or the paint but sure looks suspicious.  Safe to ride though he assured me.  Top notch service and prompt.  If you need anything bike, running, tri, etc check them out.  You can order online from their TriSupply store at:

As my 12 week plan is coming to a close and the race gets closer I have to say I feel stronger, more flexible, and better prepared for this race then I did for Ironman St. George.  This race is my AAA race and I am hoping for the best.  This week we slowly bring down the bike and run.  My longest bike of the week will be 3 hours and my longest run is 90 min.  Next week it is 2 hours and 70 min.  The swimming remains pretty steady this week.  3 days of 3000 plus yards.  For me the hardest part about the taper is my diet.  I feel like I am starving but can't consume the same amount of calories cause I am not burning as much.  I also crave pure junk food!!!!!!

Today's workout was an hour bike.  So the workouts are shorter but the intensity seems higher.  Of the 60 minutes forty five of those minutes were rode at 95-100%.
Bike Wko from today:
This was followed by a 1.70 mile or 3000 yard swim.

After Ironman Wisc I am taking two weeks off with the exception of a few fun races then will slowly creep back into another ~ 8-9 week plan to get me through Ironman Cozumel.

Well that's it until next week.

Be safe out there!!!

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